Blame the USB!

“I have to charge my cellphone, do you have a charging cable, please?" …and I show the evil-black-hole in my device and pray …

“Show me which one you need … oh yes, a micro USB, wait a second …"

And maybe for the millionth times I am so amazed - the ladies forgive me - how a man takes a quick look at it and immediately knows what he should put inside. They have to have it in their genes.


The world suffers from coronavirus pandemic when my partner tries to control the chaos in his office. I offered him help.

One of the tasks was to sort out the cables, differently USB cables. My first reaction was that I couldn´t do that, and actually don’t want even learn it. With strong accent on IT, as if that IT was something really slimy, was moving AND maybe bites as well!

To be honest, I have no idea what have changed in next few minutes inside me, but something was broken. Suddenly I was again that curious and stubborn child.

“It can’t be that difficult. If I have a brain and the eyes available, I should be able to learn that that."

(With this attitude I have learned my german in a few years and started with obstacle running - simple mindset “If so many people can do something, it can’t be so difficult!")

It didn’t take long and I knew more about USB than my partner.

… and then an idea came up, first born as a joke … unbelievable, impossible without any deeper sense…

“STOP - AM I SERIOUS?" … I am asking myself.

“Where do I get such thoughts from? Girls are not allowed to work in IT, just like having short hair, driving well a car, do martial arts …?"

Aha, a good one. next please!

However, inside myself grew up desire to discover something completely new and master it.

I’ve been learning for a few months now - [more here about it] (/what-I-had-to-learn/). This website is meant to serve as my playground, but also as a inspiration for anybody else. Above all I wish to encourage those women who also have heard that the computer world is for men only.